Southern Taiwan IC Design Incubation Center is based in Kaohsiung Software Park, focusing on promoting the IC design, IoT and other ICT related innovative technology. We also help to build startup ecosystem and internationalize Taiwan’s IoT solutions. Through providing incubation firms with mentoring programs, marketing supports, talent scouting events, products upgrade consultations and financial planning, we create a benign environment for the industries to expand locally and globally.

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ProductsProducts Development 
Products Optimazation 
MarketingIncubation Center FB Promotion
Industry Alliance
Exhibition Space
TalentsTalent Recruitment
Design Training Programs 
Academic and Industrial Collaboration
R&DCross Industry collbaoration
Academic and Industrial Collaboration
Temporary EDA Tool Rental 
IEEE Digital Library
FinanceGovernment Projects Application
Recommendating and Assisting Startups in Applying for Go-ilncubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA)  
Tax Counselling 
Risk Management Counselling 
Intellectual Property Counselling 
IntenationalizationInstitution Visit Oversea
International Collaboration
International Funding
International Exposure
Administrative ServiceRegular Needs Interviews
Firms Registration Certificate  
Seasonal Event
Lunch Order Service
Package/Maill Collection Service
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