This pillar harnesses ICT technology as the driving force for IoT innovation in southern Taiwan. STIPC is dedicated to introducing cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaborations in smart industries.

Southern IC Design Research Incubation Center was founded with support from Industrial Development Administration(IDA), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. With chip design as the core, it connects international innovation energy and local resources to drive industrial upgrading and transformation.

In addition, targeting the IoT
, Industrial Development Administration(IDA), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan supported to found Southern Taiwan IoT Service Hub, integrating hardware and software resources to assist in the development of IoT products and connect with local producers.

We take IC and IoT as the dual-axis to jointly promote the upgrading of cross-domain industries and accelerate the cluster development of the smart electronics industry in southern Taiwan.

1. Promoting the Local IC Industry Cluster:
Through the establishment of the Southern Taiwan IC Design and Research Incubation Center, STIPC successfully introduced major manufacturers including Wistron, ELAN, PixArt, Compal, JET OPTO, and others, to expand their presence in southern Taiwan, with significant investments made in Kaohsiung.
2. Promoting Innovative IoT Products:
STIPC established the Southern Taiwan IoT Service Hub to guide IoT product development toward mass production and to promote field verifications of innovative products.
3. International Scientific and Technological Resource Matching:
STIPC organized the Southeast Asia Semiconductor Recruitment Team to promote employment and education in Taiwan's semiconductor industry and to expand international talent attraction channels. Additionally, STIPC collaborated with the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration, MOEA and Microsoft Taiwan to launch the “Yawan Cloud Platform x Microsoft for Startups” program, guiding Microsoft ScaleUp to Kaohsiung.