Leveraging the expertise of local industry and academia, STIPC promotes diverse innovative applications integrating creativity, culture, and digital technology to advance digital transition.

Following the central government's policy of facilitating the development of somatosensory technologies and FunTech, we integrate resources from local industries, government, and academia to drive diversified innovation. Promoting innovative applications of creativity, culture, and digital technology such as AR/VR, 5G, AI, and IoT, we are aiming to build a smart content industry ecosystem.

With all this, our team is devoted to promoting local business development and strengthening industrial innovation. Besides, we cultivate and provide high-end talents for industries by holding AR/VR and telecom related competitions.

1. Antenna Implementation Contest to Promote Talent Cultivation and Industry-Academic Collaboration:
Since 2014, STIPC has been hosting the annual Antenna Implementation contest for the Mobilehero communication competition for ten consecutive years, supporting academic talents in their participation and creating a platform for communication antenna talents to shine. In recent years, STIPC has introduced approximately 200 antenna talents to enter the industry.
2. Promotion of Cross-Domain Applications for Smart Content:
Starting with the demand for smart content, STIPC facilitates collaboration between technical service providers and the demand end, leading to the development of cross-domain innovative application solutions. STIPC also assists technology companies in expanding high-end smart display applications across various fields and introducing smart content applications and virtual technology solutions to create diverse interactive experiences.